Wedding Photography

  • This is your day, not mine. My job is to quietly document the day, not turn your wedding into a photo shoot. Of course we will take a few minutes for portraits, but other than that I try to blend in and simply document the moments as they unfold.
  • Coverage is key. There will always be the opportunity to buy albums and prints later, but after your wedding day is over you can never go back and capture those moments.
  • It is critical to have archival documentation of your entire day. That is why even the base coverage fee includes all of your 4X6 proofs and low res (4X6) digital files.
  • Simplicity and Flexibility – I have no desire to lock anyone in to an expensive package. If I do my job, print and album sales will follow naturally. Also, online proofing frees you from the complexity of coordinating family print orders and is a great platform for ordering high quality prints from a professional lab.
  • Professionalism – I have been working as a commercial photographer for the last eight years, prior to that I was the studio manager for a commercial photographer in New York. I bring the same level of professionalism to wedding photography that commercial clients demand.

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