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A quick update on where things stand


I just wanted to add a quick update on where things currently stand with the photography business. After a couple of years with Prestige Imports, my responsibilities have grown and my family life has become even more busy.  These changes have brought me to the point where it no longer really makes sense to pursue outside photography jobs. Honestly, it is not even the photography part of the jobs that takes up the time, it is all the planning, post processing, follow up, etc.

If you are a current customer, don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere and I can always do any future jobs that you may have. I’m just not currently seeking out new customers.

I am moving this blog (and this post in particular) to the top of my home page, to hopefully reduce any confusion that people who come across the site may have. The rest of the content on the site will remain up, in case an opportunity to actively move back into the photo industry presents itself. I hope you find the other posts and content useful. Especially take a look at the “Documenting your Family” posts, I think they provide a ton of great information.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at – jason (at) jasonnoffsingerphotography (dot) net.

Arvada, CO | Interesting News | Back to the Grindstone

As many of you know, I was laid off back in April of 2010. Since that time, I have been splitting my time between running my photography business and looking for a new full time job. Well a couple of weeks ago, a job came up that is really a perfect fit for my skills and background. I just started as the Photographer and Web Marketing Specialist at Prestige Imports in Lakewood, CO. Prestige is a luxury car dealership  specializing in both Audi and Porsche. In my new roll, I photograph the new and pre-owned vehicles, maintain and update the website, design web ads, and keep up their social media activities.

So what does this mean for Jason Noffsinger Photography? Well, if the last couple of years have taught me anything, it’s that it is always best to keep your options open. To that end, I will be keeping the business up and running, but in a scaled back fashion. Most likely, I won’t have much time to spend writing new posts for this blog, but I will be leaving the old posts online. I think there is a lot of really useful content here that people may want to refer to.

Having income from this new job will allow me to just focus on shoots that I’m really passionate about. Most likely, these will be smaller scale portrait shoots with people that really value what I bring to the table – my unique vision. Intimate weddings in interesting locations also hold a lot of interest for me. What I will really be looking for are opportunities to document people, families and weddings for those that really value authentic timeless photography.

So, to sum up, the business is alive and well,  but with a renewed focus on the things that I do best. Additionally, I am really happy to be out of “limbo” (for the first time in well over two years) and working on exciting projects at my “day job” as well as in my personal business. Please let me know if you have a project that would be a good fit with this new direction.

Tech Info:
Natural Light
Sigma DP2s
Sigma 24.2mm f2.8 fixed lens (41mm full frame equivalent)
Adobe Camera Raw

Arvada, CO | Social Media | Jason Noffsinger’s New Tumblr Feed

Hey out there on the internets. I just wanted to call your attention to my new Tumblr feed. If you look over there >>> in the right hand widget bar, you should be seeing some pictures or quotes that I have added.

If all goes as planned, these will be the most recent additions to the feed. I will try to put up at least one fresh post every day. They will be short and sweet – One picture, or one quote, or one random thought. Most of the time, the posts will be photography related. I am calling the feed Jason Noffsinger Photography/Life, and that pretty well sums up my intent. I just want to give you a little more insight into my life and my work without the limitations of Twitter or Facebook but also without all the analysis, editing and SEO considerations that go into a full blog post.

“So what exactly is a Tumblr feed?” you may be asking. Well, Tumblr is a blogging platform that has been stripped down to the bare essentials. It fits somewhere between Twitter and a traditional blog (like this one). It doesn’t limit me to 140 characters, but it is super easy to put up pictures or quotes or random thoughts – especially from my new favorite toy – the Ipod Touch 4G. I love this little thing! I can check email, maintain my calendar, surf the web, make Tumblr posts, and look at Flickr from anywhere that has wi-fi, all with no $90 per month data plan.

And my favorite feature… the horrible little 0.7 megapixel digital camera. I can use it to make quick snapshots (like the one at the beginning of this post) and then run the pictures through one of the many post-processing apps on the Apple App store, before uploading to Flickr, or Facebook, or Tumblr. At last count, I already have eight of these imaging apps loaded. Of course, with the terrible camera, the image quality is not good at all, but the pictures are sure fun to play with. So I am using the iPod Touch as my FunkyCam – for fun little pictures that I can snap while I’m out and about.

So take a minute, click on over to and have a look. I really like the simple design that I put together for this project. Hopefully, I can create some worthwhile content to go along with it.

Let me know what you think.

Tech Info:
Ipod Touch 4G
Instagram App for tonality and sloppy border
MonoPhix Lite App for B&W conversion
Filterstorm App for adding metadata and uploading

Colorado Wedding & Portrait Photography | New Business Cards

Up until recently, I have been using business cards designed in Photoshop, printed on photographic paper and cut down to 2″ X 3″. While I liked the way these cards reproduced pictures, they were not great for text, were thin, only allowed printing on one side and were slightly smaller than standard business cards.

Using lessons learned from creating my first business cards, I went ahead and designed a more traditional card and had it printed on heavy-weight recycled paper. The new design utilizes both sides of the card. The front shows my standard logotype as well as contact information and the short message “fine art documentary photography of kids, seniors, weddings & families”.

The back of the card contains three vertical images, one of a young girl (to represent child and family photography) another of a high school senior, and the last showing a bride. All three images are in black and white and were shot in my signature style – on location, available light, natural expressions, etc. Coincidentally, all three images were shot with the same camera and film combination – Nikon F100, Legacy Pro 400 (Fuji Neopan 400) film.

So take a look at these samples and let me know what you think…

Tech Info:
Business card examples
Cards printed on 100lb recycled stock

Images all photographed using
Nikon F100
Legacy Pro 400 film (Fuji Neopan 400)

Welcome to Jason Noffsinger Photography


Welcome to my new website and blog. Here is some information about me. This will also be posted over in the about section, but I thought it would be some good information to get the ball rolling. Let me know what you think about the new site…

I have been living and breathing photography for the past 18 years.

It all started with the photography program at Westminster High School. I caught the bug, and proceeded through the Professional Photography program at Colorado Mountain College. After graduating, my (very understanding) new wife, Julie, and I picked up everything and moved to New York so I could take a job as a Studio Manager for a commercial photographer. After four years of working on lots of exciting shoots and meeting lots of great people, we decided it was time to move home and start thinking about starting a family. Shortly after returning, I started learning web design and looking for jobs where I could apply my knowledge in both photography and web technology. Before long, I started working for a large corporation, managing all of the images for their website. This role evolved to the point where I became the corporate photographer – shooting products, catalog covers, marketing pieces, events, executive portraits, etc. This role provided experience in a broad range of photographic specialties, and also provided the stability that we needed to start our family. We now have two beautiful daughters, Emma-6 & Molly-3, and a great life in Colorado.

Of course, the economy finally caught up with my employer, and we were purchased by an even larger corporation. This effectively ended my role as corporate photographer and over 18 months I helped the new corporation take over all of my imaging duties.

This put me in the strange position of being sad to leave a great company and great co-workers, but excited to get back to photography full-time.

So that is where I am now… Excited to be working with real people, documenting real moments, creating images that will be appreciated for generations to come.