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Louisville, CO | Home Wedding | Reception Establishing Shot

Below is an image from a cool at home wedding that I shot last year. This type of documentary photograph is often referred to as an “establishing shot”. It sets the scene and gives context to the rest of the images in the story you are trying to tell with your pictures.

I really like this image because it so neatly documents all of the different things that are going on at this wedding reception. First, there is the setting – white tent, lights, lanterns, etc. Next you have the groom in the white tuxedo shirt interacting with the guests. There is a woman off to the right taking pictures. Throughout the picture, you have people talking and laughing. In the foreground (out of focus) you have a young boy who is looking pretty tired. Over in the corner, you can see the DJ’s iMac set up and pumping out the tunes. But wait, it’s a photograph, how do we know there is music playing? Look dead center, there is a woman dancing with her arms raised. With the visual space around her, it is almost as if she is in her own little world – alone in a crowd. I find this last detail especially fascinating. Do you agree?

Click on the image if you would like to see it larger. Enjoy…

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Tech Info:
Nikon D70s
Nikon 50mm f1.8 AF
ISO 1600

One Image – Wedding Photography – Louisville, CO

What can we learn from a single image? A lot, if we look closely.

From the setting we can tell that this was a home wedding that was held outside. From the bride’s dress, it’s pretty obvious that the wedding was held on a warm day. From the direction of light we can tell that the ceremony took place late in the day. Dad’s hair is blowing a little bit, so it was probably breezy, but the bride’s vale is staying pretty still, so it wasn’t too bad.

Finally, let’s look at our subjects’ faces. They tell us all that we need to know about the emotions of the day. Our bride is happy and excited, but also appears to be a little nervous. Probably because she is about to step off the deck, but on some level, she may be realizing that the next time she walks through that door, she will be a different person. And what about dad? To me, he looks happy and sad. As a father of two daughters, I can certainly understand.

Are there any details that I’ve missed? I’m sure there are. Everyone who views a photograph brings their own set of experiences and expectations and can spot different things.

Thanks for reading.